Ahhhh yes, the beauty of Artificial Intelligence, who would have thought there would be a time when you did not have to look at a not so pleasing photo of yourself. It all gets dumped in a hole, never to be seen again.

Google has added an update to its Photos app which uses artificial intelligence to detect, analyse and then ditch pictures it deems not post-worthy or rather pictures it “thinks” you will not like.

To access the update, go to your Photo App, and on the bottom left corner, you can tap on the Assistant button which will give you a rundown on how it works.

It will analyse pictures such as documents, receipts, and notes and deduce that they are not something that you want to see in your photo stream, so it hides them away. When you access your photos on the Photo App, those pictures will not appear in the main folder but rather you can find them in the archive folder. You can also directly search results or check in the albums to find them. The thing with this update is that those pictures will not be the first things you see when you open your photos app, rather, they will be hidden somewhere accessible to you.

As Google puts it, those pictures are of critical things that we need to remember but do not necessarily need to see every time we go into our photo reel, so by separating them and keeping them archived; we can easily get to them when we need to.

If you have a photo that you want to file, you can do so manually by opening the picture, opening the options tab and then selecting archive which will send the picture directly to the Archive folder. Keep your photos organised and accessible whenever you need them.