There are many types of smart watches out there, and they all serve in their unique ways. One of those watches is the Garmin Vivomove classic watch.

Described as an activity tracker watch that does not work like your standard activity tracker. Your regular activity tracker watch will send you alerts on your phone, but this watch does not do all that, it just tracks yours sleeping patterns and steps that you have taken.

The Garmin Vivamove is an analog watch with the ability to monitor how you are sleeping, track the steps you have taken and then coordinates the information it collects with your phone.

The watch is for the simpletons who just want to keep track of their steps without the whole complicated smartwatch technology thing. All one has to do is look at their watch, and they will know how they are fairing.

You will not have to worry about it dying on you after a couple of months as the company that makes it assures that Garmin Vivomove’s battery will last them at least one year or more.

In its purest form, it is an analog watch decorated with dials that can tell one how many steps they have walked that day and more information on what the individual has been doing in the day.

Did we mention how stylish it will look on you? It comes with a leather band and would look great on anything, from your sharp suit to your casual wear, the Garmin Vivomove watch will not look out of place.

Thanks to its simple design, people are not complaining. They might have one or two things they would want to see added to the watch such as backlighting. For the watch to link up with your phone, it uses bluetooth.

To get more information and to give you some idea of how people are receiving it, you can go to Amazon and read up on its reviews.