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Looking After Your Tech Gadgets

Looking After Your Tech Gadgets

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Looking After Your Tech Gadgets

The latest gadgets seem to drive our society – it’s rare to watch TV without seeing an advert for the latest smartphone or laptop. However, we often don’t pay any Read more

5 Tips to Save the Battery Life of Your Gadgets

Technology has made life easier for us. Communication is simpler and work can be completed even when you are on the move. Not surprisingly, smartphones and tablets have gained immense Read more


3D printing has been hailed as the future of manufacturing. Also dubbed ‘additive manufacturing’, it works by building up layer upon layer of plastic material to create objects based on Read more

How Online Giveaways Can Help Your Business

Before you post giveaways on your site, it is important to establish your credibility as a reputable business. Many potential customers will browse through sites and quickly skim over the Read more

Getting Your Mountains of Data under Control

Picture an office setting and chances are filing cabinets feature somewhere in the image. Paperwork is a part of any business and the amount seems to grow as the business Read more

Web Design Introduces You to a World of Opportunities

Hitting the right chord is really important when it comes to interacting with the audience. Web design helps impart a concrete shape to your ideas and realise your dreams at Read more

Get Rid of Network Wiring Completely

If network wiring has started to tie you to your desk, it’s time to consider getting rid of your network wires completely and start exploring the advantages afforded by a Read more

Growth of Information and Communications Technology in the Middle East

Countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are diversifying their oil-based economies to incorporate other sectors in order to create a sustainable and diversified business environment. One Read more


Choosing a new laptop computer can be a harrowing task if you are brand new to the world of technology. For instance, there is a whole dictionary of new terms Read more

New Technologies Keep That Your Personal Data Private

Data security has become a big problem for both individual web users and businesses. According to a figures released by the Open Security Foundation, cybercriminals managed to access 267 million Read more


According to Hollywood, most computer hackers are disaffected teenagers sat in their bedrooms seeking to bring down a global corporate giant using a wireless connection or vinyl-wearing alternative types, complete Read more


When scouting for a mobile carrier, there really are multiple options. Before locking yourself into a decision, you need to be completely informed. Virgin Mobile (VM) is one of the most Read more


A help desk is generally a task carried out by a team within a company to entertain their customer’s requests and queries. Its main purpose is to help customers with Read more

Tools Helping the Elderly Stay Up to Date with Technology

Today’s technology is all-inclusive with tools available to help the elderly use computers and other devices. These tools offer solutions for older people with visual or hearing impairments or mobility Read more

How to Modernise Your Business With Cloud Technology

Do you use the cloud? Or is that merely a meteorological term to you, rather than a potential business tool? The ‘cloud’ seems to have been at the forefront of Read more


However large or small, every business has the potential to meet the needs of a global online audience. The trigger is the expansion of technology in the form of social, Read more


We spend hours playing games every year and because of the wealth of variety out there, the interesting facts about gaming just keep popping up. Here are some things you Read more


It has always been important to share knowledge in order to advance any interest in business or research. The advent of the Internet has allowed this process to accelerate. Not Read more


Scandals of security breaches into companies’ databases, which hold sensitive financial and personal information about their customers, have been regularly in the news for some years. Everyone remembers the cases: Read more


Every business has to interact with its customers. While interaction is fairly simple offline because your employees can just talk to customers, it’s a little more complicated through the Internet. Read more